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Welcome to Lil' Lola's story page. I'm sure you will fall in Love with her just like our family did.

Lola was born on January 11,2013. There were 13 puppies in her litter. The sad part of this story is that her mother turned her puppies away because she herself was starving. She was living in deplorable conditions inside a metal shed with no food & blankets. A concerned neighbor reported the house to the ASPCA and a officer was sent to the home. The family was given 24 hours to clean the shed ,place blankets down for warmth and feed the mother so she in turn could nurse the 13 puppies. 24 hours later when Animal control came to inspect 3 of the puppies had already died. The 10 puppies were taken from the horrible Hellish home and rescued . A rescue group stepped in to save the tiny puppies. Here in California puppies that require bottle feeding to sustain life are put down. Our shelters are over crowded and that is just the ugly truth. A good samairitian that is only 20 something herself took 5 of the puppies. Not realizing bottle feeding 5 starving puppies was way to much for one person to do alone. She reached out for help on FB with a 911 message for a foster family to help take 2 puppies. I answered her cry for help and became mommy to Lola and Gracie. The first 3 days were a blur. I was so sleep deprived ! It was worse than a newborn because at least with a baby they wear diapers. I had not changed my clothes or showered the first 48 hrs and was going to give up and give them back to her. At that point God gave me a break and I slept for 5 hrs straight and was rejuvenated . I woke up so panic stricken but quickly realized Kendall and Tim took over. At first we fed both of the pups with a eye dropper. Lola was such a little piggy and Gracie was to weak to even suck. Both pups barely had their eyes open and couldn't walk. Lola reminded us allot of Bambi when she was first learning to use her legs. She was awkurd and floppy. There were many late night runs to 24 hr Wallmart for puppy formula because someone had to stay with the pups. Although we kept them in a pac n play pin for babies someone had to watch them because if one pooped the other would step in it and they would both be so disgusting. Of course this was all learned the hard way !

At about 4 1/2 weeks of age the rescue sent someone to our house to potentially adopt the all white pup. Two women arrived in a Mini tiny compact car. Of course I was over protective of the pups but at the time I didn't have any intentions of keeping either of them. I was told both pups already had homes when I originally agreed to foster them . We already had 2 dogs and didn't want another . We lost a dog 2 years ago tragically and I swore off even getting another. The pain was unbearable and I never wanted to feel that ache again ! The rescue group told us that the pups were Lab Mastiff mix pups and would be about 100 lbs dogs. Keeping that in mind I knew whoever adopted the pups needed to have knowledge of owning a large dog and have a large yard for the Dog . Okay , so the two women come in to visit the white puppy (Gracie). while visiting with the pup I asked several questions about their future plans for the dog. Like did they have a yard. Who would be taking care of the dog while they worked. Did they ever own a Dog or cat before . If so what happened to it .... At the time I also wasn't in charge AT ALL of the future of these 2 pups. Fortunately my over protective mother intuition came out and saw so many flaws with their plan for the pup. UNREALISTIC does not even come close to what they thought owning a large dog would require. Later that day the girl from the rescue group came by the house to check on the pups. I shared my concerns about the potential owner and she listened THANK GOD !  Not long after that the home for the black pup (Lola) fell thru as well. I quickly started looking for good stable homes for the pups. People that had a large yard and had NEVER gotten rid of or given away a pet. after all that is what is wrong with our shelter system here in California. People who get pets and dump them when they are no longer puppies and the cuteness factor wears off. I wasn't going to let that happen in this case. 
I took it upon myself to take the pups to get their shots. Our vet checked them over and informed me that there wasn't any way the pups had any mastiff in them. His guess was Lab border collie mix and said they would grow to about 60 - 70 lbs. This is the day Kendall realized she might just talk us into keeping one of them. Kendall also called her cousin Katie to let her know the puppies were not going to grow up to be the size of a horse. Katie had already fallen in Love with Gracie but been told there was no way she could have her due to her potential size.  That is when Katie started working on her Mom. Although I did love the dogs , I didn't want to keep them. Everytime I thought about keeping them I made myself watch Bethoveen movies and it quickly brought me back to reality. A reality that I never wanted a big dog , big dogs are messy , they smell , they eat things , they ruin the yard and I was leary of Kendall's allergies . Kendall was till working on us and one day asked " What if the pup could be trained as a Peanut detection service dog ?". This was something I had been trying to talk Kendall into for years but she would always say "I'm already the girl with the feeding tube and allergies. I don't want to be the girl with the service dog too !" I had already researched the cost of a peanut dog and we certainly could not afford that. Pondering Kendall's idea I made some phone calls. After many many phone calls I spoke with someone who said they would come to our home and evaluate the puppy to see if she was possible to train. A few days later she came over and spent about 5 1/2 hours with the dog and said she could and would train her but we had to follow all of her rules. She said the Dog would have to stay at her facility and live with her once she was older. We agreed and started training a few days later. Once we decided as a family to keep Lola for sure ,Lola became Kendall's responsibility 24/7. At the same time Gracie became Katie's and the girls embarked on a road to what it would be like to be teen moms. LOL Lola's crate was moved into Kendall's room and Kendall was100% responsible for all of Lola's needs. This meant waking up 3-4 times a night with her . Lola was a hand full to say the least . Kendall's honest answer for everything soon became "My Dog ate it " ! Lola had a thing about eating flip flops ,clothes and stealing household items. She even ate her flat iron.
Fast forward to today....
Lola is no longer with that trainer. She is now with Andy Falco at Falco K-9 Academy.  Lola is advancing in her training and doing well. She is 9 months old today. She has had some obedience issues but we are working hard with her and she is coming along nicely. We have high hopes that Lola will assist Kendall in college and give her freedoms others take for granted.


Here below is Lola at about 6 months old searching for peanuts at a chiropractors office during training !


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